Introduction to Tutorials

This page will be the launching site for photography tutorials. My goal is to help speed up some of the early learning process. Initial tutorials will be targeted for beginners with the objective of keeping it simple enough to learn the basics quickly. To do so, some of the details will be left out intentionally but will be picked up later when they matter more.

The initial topics will be related to exposure. Exposure describes allowing the proper amount of light in the camera to obtain the desired results. Exposure is driven mainly by three key concepts; shutter speed, aperture, and the sensitivity of the camera. We will first look at each one individually. Once their individual characteristics are understood, we will look at how they interact. Select the Exposure Overview tutorial from the menu on the right for more information.

My experience and examples will be based on using a digital single lens reflex camera, or D-SLR. It also does not matter what brand you use, though I happen to use a Nikon. Until recently, I had been using a Nikon D100. Though the camera has been succeeded by a host of follow-on models, it is still a good camera capable of very nice shots. I recently upgraded to a Nikon D700, a full frame sensor camera which has been fun to work with. We will get into the features of varioius camera models in another set of tutorials.